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The MM&G Garden Railroad is located in Northern Ohio. It was started in 2005 with about 700 feet of track and has progressed to 1,620 feet as of the fall of 2013. It was modeled with all diesel power in the 1970-1990 era. 

I had always wanted to build an indoor model railroad, but due to the lack of space I was never able to do so. A friend got me interested in outdoor G scale and this is the result.

The goal was to model a working railroad. I was not interested in watching a train go around in a circle. It had to do some work by servicing customers along it's right of way. There are over 40 switches that are used to service the mainline and several dozen customers. I use a combination of track power and battery. The larger engines run on track power, leaving the smaller ones to run on batteries. The control system utilizes the Aristo-Craft Revolution system. All battery powered engines have a trail battery car of my design that contains the batteries. All track is the Aristo-Craft Brass of various lengths. Most of the curves were hand bent to a diameter of between 12 feet to 18 feet.

The total square foot area is near 7,000 sq. feet. There is 770 feet of mainline and 850 feet of short line and sidings for a total track length of 1,620 feet.

This is how it looked in the Summer of 2014.

 Picture taken from the roof of my barn, June 2014.

The main motive power is a mix of EMD SD40-2, SD-45, Alco RS-3 and a mix of EMD N-2 and Alco S4 yard switchers. This pictures catches a set of SD40-2's getting ready to pass through the tunnel to the main yard at Granite Junction. The lead engine has just passed the Yard Limit sign limit.

One of the main customers is Clyde Bio Fuel processing and distribution plants. Clyde uses the Cactus grown on the MM&G for it's main source of raw material. The final product is a closely held secret.

Clyde Bio Fuel Distribution center.  

Clyde Bio Fuel processing center. 

   Staging Yard + Maintenance & Fueling facility of Mulch Basin.

Industrial Park of Granite Junction.

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